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Construction Management

One of the biggest pillars of KohCan is our Construction Management and Consultancy services. We offer our consultancy services from start to finish including but not limited to Design, Budget Planning, Project Planning, Scheduling, Contracts, City requirements and more.

At KohCan we offer Construction Management & Consultancy services from start to finish . We provide a variety of services including Project Planning, Budgeting, Scheduling, design and more within acceptable risk , quality and safety.


If you have taken on a new project or if you have decided to build your own ,We are here to help. We at KohCan offer Project Management Planning, Cost Management, Time management, Quality Management, Contract Administration, Safety Management and CM professional services.


Project has taken too long?
Not happy with the progress?
Project is left unfinished or tighter control is required on the project?
You are at the right place, Our specialty is taking over on-going projects . We will asses the progress, generate reports on what has been done and what needs to be done and we will take over the project at any stage and make sure your project and business goals are achieved within the agreed time-line and budget.


Need support to finish the project? Project is behind deadline? Leave it to the experts. We make sure every unit is up to your standards and is ready to welcome new clients.


Something went wrong? Disaster Happened? Our team of experts can look into the problem and generate reports on what the cause of the problem is, whether it’s a system malfunction or a human error.

Quality Control

Experience has taught us that disasters happen in construction, but for most cases it could be prevented saving you time, money and reputation. No matter at what stage of your project you are, we are here to help. We could help ensure the project quality is as expected and prevent disasters and we are the first on scene when disasters happen.  Before finishing your project, we can assess the site and provide with insight on what could possibly go wrong and provide you with the preventive measures required.

Disaster Recovery

KohCan construction is dedicated to helping clients recover quickly following any disaster at the time of construction or when customers moved in.


Received your building PDI / Tarion report?
The are still items on the list which are incomplete, missing, damaged , inaccessible, and/or not operating properly?
You are at the right place.
We at KohCan are specialized in resolving all your Pre-Delivery Inspection notes.
We fully understand the complexity of the project and we are also aware of the tight time-lines and with our professional resources we can make sure nothing is left behind until you pass all the required inspections and your customers are happily moving into their new home.

PDI / Tarion

Pre Delivery Inspection is best time to make homeowners really feel at home, once you walk them through their newly purchased property and record any damaged, incomplete or missing items. We at KohCan are experts in customer service and resolving all the deficiencies within the agreed time-line and budget, making sure your customers area happily moving into their new house/condominium and are referring you as a best in class developer. Our resume speaks for itself, managing and fixing thousands of deficiencies in high rise building all over Greater Toronto Area.

Performance Audit

Performance Audit is a detailed report highlighting inspection findings and deficiencies of common elements construction deficiencies. Received a long list of deficiencies from your building performance audit? Don’t know where to start? Leave it to the construction experts. You can contact us before, during or after receiving your performance audit and we make sure all the deficiencies are resolved in record times.